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Distinctive Tree Care LLC has been providing the highest-quality tree care and arboricultural services in Connecticut and Massachusetts since licensed arborist Jason T. Yerke started the business in March 2004.

Our passion for trees and our commitment to treating our customers the right way have helped the company grow from the ground up. We have expanded to provide services in two states, but the root of our company remains the same – treating each job as the most important one we will complete.


  • Our mission is to meet our high standards on every job while ensuring a safe working environment for employees, customers and the public.
  • We are proud of the long-standing relationships we form with our customers.
  • Those relationships are the result of our reasonable pricing and our skilled workmanship.

The knowledgeable Distinctive Tree Care team prides itself on its professional, efficient and trustworthy approach to tree care.

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Seasonal Tips

Our licensed arborists can identify and manage tree hazards to keep you and your property safe from falling trees and branches. Contact us for a free evaluation before winter hits.