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Distinctive Tree Care provides various solutions for removing unwanted brush and overgrowth that can smother your property’s natural beauty and pose safety risks. Each of these options is available depending on the amount of growth you wish to remove:

  • Selective hand-cutting of specific areas and plants
  • Brush mowing with a track machine for larger areas
  • Brush mowing with a track-mounted mini excavator for heavy-duty jobs

After cutting away the brush, we suggest removing or grinding remaining stumps or applying herbicides to prevent or reduce regrowth. We currently manage brush and overgrowth at utility right of ways, roadsides, paths, water well systems and billboard signs.

Our methods will help you manage growth on your property to reduce costs, keep areas clear and allow native low vegetation to spread across the ground.

Distinctive Tree Care provides CT brush removal and invasive plant control services throughout the Greater Hartford area including South Windsor, Glastonbury, Tolland, Manchester, Vernon, Enfield, Windsor, Somers, Ellington, West Hartford, Farmington, Simsbury, Canton and more.

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Our licensed arborists can identify and manage tree hazards to keep you and your property safe from falling trees and branches. Contact us for a free evaluation before winter hits.