Forecast Of Roadside Tree Issues In 2019

Emerald Ash Borer

Since 2002, this imported pest has killed approximately 150-200 million Ash trees from Michigan east to Connecticut. Unfortunately, this pest is here to stay in New England.

With an average Ash population in CT at 35%, we can expect to lose millions of Ash over the next decade. Distinctive Tree Care can assist in taking down large volumes of these roadside dead and dying trees at reduced cost.


Gypsy Moth

With the drought of 2015-2016 in New England, Gypsy Moth made a comeback. Tens of thousands of Oak Trees have died in the forests and along roadsides in CT and Western Massachusetts. With our versatile resources, Distinctive Tree Care can assist in taking down large volumes of these roadside dead and dying trees at faster, safer and at reduced cost.



The past 2 years 2017-2018 have been years of good rainfall, resulting in tremendous tree growth in many areas of New England including CT and MA. This growth has created tree issues in many areas including:


  • Roadside line of sight, safety concerns near structures, bridges
  • Guardrail and sound barrier interference
  • Lighting, and signage encroachment
  • Slope and embankment overgrowth


With our advanced equipment, Distinctive Tree Care safely and efficiently can clear overgrowth in a fraction of the time that traditional bucket truck resources would do it in. 

Storm response

When storms happen and trees fail, time is critical to get roads, utilities, and homes clear.

Distinctive Tree Care’s versatile resources can help get trees out of the way quickly, efficiently, and safely. Our 3 Sennebogen’s can be moved easily to any area on our own low bed trucks. We additionally have a network of other allied companies with similar equipment and staff which will assist when that big storm hits.

Selecting a professional arborist requires careful consideration of the company’s arboriculture knowledge, safety and insurance policies, along with their ability to perform the job.

Distinctive Tree Care’s certified arborists hold degrees in Urban Forestry and general Forestry and maintain current arborist licenses in Connecticut and Massachusetts.

Our team of hardworking, friendly arborists ensures job safety, quality workmanship and customer satisfaction for your residential or commercial job.

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