From The Hartford Courant: State to spend millions to cut down 60,000 potentially dangerous trees along Connecticut highways


The Hartford Courant just published an article stating, “A far bigger tree worry for the DOT, one that’s expected to cost tens of millions of dollars and take years to resolve, are the estimated 60,000 dead or dying trees along state highways and routes all across Connecticut.”


Distinctive Tree Care is all too familiar with this current situation as our specialized roadside tree removal equipment has been utilized non-stop with the ongoing problems including Emerald Ash Borer and Blonding Ash Trees.

As the Hartford Courant states, “Forestry experts say those dead or dying trees, and millions of others around Connecticut, are victims of invasive insects like Gypsy moths and the Emerald ash borer, damage from severe storms or drought, pollution or simply old age.”

DTC’s Roadside Tree Removal Equipment includes the Albach Chipper and Sennebogen. 

This state of the art piece of equipment can effectively cut, dismantle and stockpile trees for removal efficiently and safely. Once it cuts and stacks tree parts, they can then be handled by a chipping crew or processed with its complimenting Albach chipper.

With its origin from Germany, this machine is one of only several in the country which can perform these tasks. Applications include:

  • Roadside tree removal
  • Roadside line of sight
  • Provide clearances from buildings and other obstacles
  • Guardrail and sound barrier tree cutting
  • Steep bank tree removal along bridges and highways
  • Tree removal along environmentally sensitive (wetland) edges

For more information on our equipment and services, don’t hesitate to call us at 860.528.8733.

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