If you have trees on your property our equipment can’t access, we have a team of professional tree climbers able to complete almost any job while moving freely and remaining safe at all time. These CT arborists can work over sensitive areas such as gardens, golf courses and septic systems without damaging your landscape.

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Improved accessibility also allows climbers to trim back dense trees more effectively than an arborist manning a bucket truck, and climbers are able to install high-strength cables and braces between defective limbs and crotches, if necessary.


Climbers utilize a variety of rigging gear to complete their work, including ropes, pulleys, carabiners, lowering devices and cambium savers. Our experts versatility means, they can tie off limbs or sections of a tree to remove and then selectively cut and safely lower the piece out of the tree by coordinating with a groundsman. This approach is most effective in avoiding damage to property and people.

Along with selectively trimming trees, our climbers adeptly install outdoor lighting and lightning protection mechanisms for homeowners.

If you need help with your tree project, our CT arborists will help you identify what manpower and equipment are necessary when we provide a free initial site visit.